Section 8 Information for Landlords

The Section 8 Choice Voucher Program is designed to provide you, the Landlord, with prompt monthly payments of all or a substantial portion of the monthly contract rent from Rutland Housing Authority, every month!

If your Section 8 renter loses their job, is injured or can’t work for any reason, Rutland Housing Authority still pays you. In fact, Rutland Housing Authority might even pay you more to cover your loss of income, up to and including the full contract rent, in some cases.

The funds are directly deposited to your bank account every month! A good deal for you, guaranteed, and a great deal for our community.

The program is available to Landlords whether you are renting a single or a multi-family home, mobile homes, single-room occupancy, apartment buildings, group homes or shared homes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Landlords

  1. How do I rent my unit to a Section 8 participant?

    Contact Rutland Housing Authority Section 8 Program Manager, Heather Greene-Hinckley at 802-775-2926 extension 219 or so we can put you on the list of Eligible Landlord Participants. You can then schedule your FREE courtesy pre-inspection by the Rutland Housing Authority’s inspection team to make sure your property qualifies. Inspections help you maintain and increase your property’s value and identify any issues at an early stage when repairs will be less costly. Results are reported only to you, the owner, any tenant referrals we send you. Please note, the inspection is for Rutland Housing Authority’s Quality Housing Standards only, not municipal code endorsement, Vermont State Rental Code, National Electric Cod, National Fuel Burning Code, etc. We will alert eligible program participants that your property is available. Even if your property/unit is currently occupied, you can still get on the list of eligible properties. Once on the list, let us know when you have an upcoming vacancy and we’ll start the process. Please note that the Section 8 Voucher program participants are responsible for locating their own units and will come to you once they are aware you have a vacant unit. Remember, we may send you applicants; YOU choose your tenants using your normal screening process. You are under no obligation to choose Rutland Housing Authority referrals. YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR CHOICE!

  2. How much rent may I charge?

    The rent must be comparable to unassisted units in the area. Rutland Housing Authority will review the rent you are proposing to ensure it is reasonable. If the rent is reasonable and the renter will be paying less than 40% of their adjusted income for rent and utilities, we will process the rent you request.

  3. What are Rutland Housing Authority’s housing quality standards (HQS)?

    Once you and your prospective tenant have reached an agreement and completed some minimal paperwork, we will re-inspect your unit to make sure it meets our Housing Quality Standards. The HQS is set the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is designed to make sure the property is safe, habitable and free of serious defects. Please note the inspection is for Rutland Housing Authority’s Quality Housing Standards only, not any municipal code enforcement, Vermont State Rental Code, National Electrical Code, National Fuel Burning Code, etc. When the unit passes inspection and the paperwork is complete, we process the Housing Assistance Payment (DAP) Contract and begin sending monthly payments directly to you. Renters must pay their security deposits and the portion of the rent we determine to be their responsibility directly to you.

  4. Who qualifies for Section 8 assistance?

    Anyone who meets the income guidelines set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) qualifies for Section 8 assistance. Applicants must apply to the Rutland Housing Authority and be placed on the waiting list. Rutland Housing Authority only determines eligibility for the program; we do not screen for rental history or suitability. Landlords should use their normal criteria and due diligence for screening Section 8 Voucher applicants as you would any other renter. YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR CHOICE! If you are a current landlord and would like to access monthly payment details, please visit the Landlord Portal.