1. Who can enroll in SASH, and what does it involve?

    You can sign up for SASH if you have Medicare. SASH welcomes the participation of all eligible individuals regardless of their healthcare needs, income, or protected status. Enrolling is easy — all it takes is to provide your Medicare number and signature on a few forms. Staff will need this information to make sure they have the necessary authorization from you and that you understand the services SASH provides, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

  2. Are there fees?

    SASH is entirely free. You don’t pay anything to participate, nor is your insurance billed. Ongoing support and care coordination by SASH staff are also free. Occasionally, a service or event provided by others and offered to the SASH community may involve a fee. However, you’ll know about this beforehand, so you can choose to participate or not.

  3. What about my privacy?

    SASH staff follow the same privacy laws (“HIPAA”) as your doctor. We take your privacy and the control over your information very seriously. Your coordinator will go over the HIPAA regulations with you so you know exactly how SASH uses and guards your information. SASH is an “evidence-based program,” which means that staff report data on health indicators such as blood pressure readings. This way, SASH can analyze the data to document how the program is working.

  4. What does SASH look like?

    It looks like the faces of your SASH staff. It’s your local SASH coordinator and wellness nurse who offer individualized help and support with a consistent presence in the housing community they’re based in during weekdays. It also looks like a regular health and wellness program.

    SASH staff work to build a culture of health and social well-being through programming based on a “Community Healthy Living Plan” developed with residents’ input and updated twice a year. Activities include:

      • Health presentations
      • Regular blood-pressure clinics
      • Group exercise programs
      • Community socials and outings

    Plus, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter, so you know everything that’s happening!

  5. Why should I enroll?

    Because it’s a great program—and it is good for you and your health! Federal studies have found that SASH participants have better health and well-being and require less costly medical interventions than their non-SASH peers. Here are some examples of the benefits of SASH:

    Each year, you will receive a free health and wellness assessment, which helps you know where you may have challenges. You’ll then work with your SASH coordinator to create a “healthy living plan” — an action plan based on what YOU decide is important — to help you get to where you want to be.

    At your request, SASH will provide one-on-one support and “check ins” about the things that matter to you, as well as helpful information and referrals to the many health and social services in the community. Staff can help you connect to specific agencies, classes, health professionals and others to get you what you need.

    With your permission, your SASH coordinator and wellness nurse will connect everyone on your team — family members, friends, health providers, and others — to make sure they’re all on the same page. That way, you won’t have to tell your story multiple times, and everyone will know how to be most helpful to you. Your SASH staff meets monthly with representatives of all the local SASH partners to coordinate any extra care you may need.

    If something happens and you need help, your SASH coordinator and wellness nurse will follow you and your health situation. For example, if you fall or go to the hospital, they’ll make sure your health providers know what you need. When you return home, they’ll check in with you to ensure you have everything you need.

  6. What if I don’t want your help?

    SASH is a voluntary program. Staff often say you drive the bus because you’re the boss. That means as a SASH participant, you choose how much or how little support you want from us. You can join, leave or come back at any time you want. SASH will always support your decisions.

  7. In which housing sites in Rutland County are SASH services available?

    SASH is available at the following affordable housing sites in Rutland County:

    Rutland Housing Authority

    Templewood Court, Rutland
    Sheldon Towers, Rutland
    Hickory Street, Rutland
    Rutland Area Bridge Housing, Rutland Town

    Housing Trust of Rutland County

    Watkins School Apartments, Rutland
    Lincoln Place, Rutland
    Colonial Apartments, Maple and Barnes Street, West Rutland
    Apple Tree Apartments, Fair Haven
    Adams House, Fair Haven
    Benson Heights, Benson
    Heritage Court, Poultney
    Conont Square, Brandon

    National Church Residences

    Maple Village Rutland
    Village Manor, Pittsfield

    Stewart Property Management

    Linden Terrace, Rutland

    Fucci Company

    Parker House, Rutland

  8. How do I sign up for SASH or get additional information?

    Contact the Rutland Housing Authority SASH program at 802-775-2926.