Procurement FAQ

Q. How can I find out about contractual opportunities?
A. Regularly review the legal section of local newspapers (Rutland Herald) for notification of bid opportunities.


Q.When are bids opened?
A. At the time and date specified on front of the bid page.


Q. Do I need to be pre-qualified to bid?
A. No. Qualifications and certifications required for specific contracts will be required prior to the award of the contract.


Q. What do I need to do to have my company added to the RHA bidder’s list?
A. Send a letter requesting to be added to RHA bidder’s list to the Purchasing Department on your company’s letterhead. Be sure to specify the services and/or products that your company provides.


Q. Who should I contact for further details?
Sheri McCloskey, Property Manager
Phone: 802-775-2926, Ext. 14
Kevin Loso, Executive Director
Phone: 802-775-2926, Ext. 23


Q. Where can I learn about the Section 3/FBE/DBE Programs?
A. Visit here for more information on these programs.